Girls Night In


After picking a date to receive your gowns to try on, plan a Girls Night In with your Girl Gang!

Here's a few things to help you get prepared:

- Have a strapless bra ready. A strapless bra will keep the girls where they belong, so you can tell how the gowns will truly fit the day of your wedding. If you are a A or B cup, we can sew cups into the dress, so you don't need to wear a bra the day of.

- Get dressed up! Have your hair and makeup done to look and feel your best self! This will help you imagine what you will look like walking down the aisle!

- Grab a pair of heels with the correct heel height you are thinking of wearing with your wedding gown. Make sure they are comfortable and easy to walk in. 

- Make sure phones are charged and ready for pictures! When you try on your gowns, make sure you take photos of different angles so you can tell how it photographs and how you look in the pictures. The pictures will last forever!

- Send out invites to your loved ones and friends so they can help you pick THE dress!

- Champagne to toast when you say YES to THE Dress!